Image Compression

When you visit a website, your computer has to download all the pictures on the page before it can show you what’s on the page. Pictures can be very big files, so if they haven’t had image compression (made smaller), it can take a long time for the website to load. Compressing images makes them smaller without making them look worse, which makes the website load faster. This is important because it makes the website more enjoyable to use, helps it show up higher in search engines, and stops the website from crashing.

There are different ways to make an image file smaller, which is called “compressing” the image. One way is to use a free online tool made to compress images. Another way is to make the image smaller by bringing down its width and height in pixels. You can also change the quality of the image, but it’s important to not lower the quality too much or it may look blurry. Finally, choosing the right file format can also help make the image smaller. It’s important to find the right balance between quality and file size when compressing images.

Here are some image compression tools:

Image Compression

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