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Google PageSpeed Insights

Benefits of Maximum Google Performance Scores

Here are the benefits of achieving maximum Google Performance Scores: In summary, achieving maximum Google Performance Scores is like giving your website a gold star. It makes visitors happy, improves your search engine visibility, boosts user engagement, and can even save you money. Maximum Google Performance Scores are a great way to stand out from…

Lightning Site Speed. Sites Load Ad

Sites That Load In 5 Seconds Have 25% Higher Ad Viewability Than Sites That Load in 19 Seconds

In today’s digital world, how quickly a website loads is crucial for how ads are seen by users. A recent study found that sites loading in 5 seconds or less have 25% better ad viewability than those sites taking 19 seconds to load. This means website load speed is important for people who advertise and…

Lightning Site Speed. Load Time Delay

A 2-Second Delay In Load Time During A Transaction Resulted In Abandonment Rates Of Up To 87%.

This Is Significantly Higher Than The Baseline Abandonment Rate Of 67%. In the world of the internet, where everything needs a quick and easy load time, a delay for a website or app can be damaging. Speed is super important. Even if it’s just 2 seconds slower during a transaction, a lot of people—up to…

Lightning Site Speed. Connection Timeouts Servers

A Significant Number Of 5xx Errors Or Connection Timeouts Signal The Opposite (Of Healthy Servers), And Crawling Slows Down.

We use the internet for many things like shopping, reading the news, and watching videos. Behind all of this, there are powerful computers called servers. They help us get the things we want online. But sometimes, servers can get sick, just like people do. When servers have lots of 5xx errors or connection timeouts, it’s…

Lightning Site Speed. Googlebot

For Googlebot A Speedy Site Is A Sign Of Healthy Servers, So It Can Get More Content Over The Same Number Of Connections

In today’s digital world, having a fast website isn’t just nice; it’s really important. It makes users happier, helps your website do better, and even affects how search engines like Google see your site. This article talks about why a fast website is like a healthy signal for Googlebot and how it can help Googlebot…

Lightning Site Speed. E-commerce Google Site

Two Seconds Is Actually The Threshold For E-Commerce Site Acceptability… Google, Aim For Under A Half Second

In the world of online shopping, site speed is essential. Imagine waiting for a e-commerce webpage to load when you’re eager to buy something – it can be frustrating! Research shows that most people don’t like waiting more than two seconds for a e-commerce site to load. In fact, Google aims for an even faster…